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Soak it up

We all do it – look back to days gone by and reminisce about races and racers that spike emotions both good and bad. It’s natural I guess.

Indulging in misty-eyed tales of how it was so much better way back when is perfectly understandable, but everyone’s past was someone’s present.

Living in the moment is key. 

Right here, right now, Lewis has joined the greats of our sport. One world title is good, two even better – but three, three elevates a driver into a select club, guaranteeing legendary status in the annals of our sport.

Fangio, Brabham, Stewart, Lauda, Piquet, Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Vettel and Hamilton. Not a bad roll call, is it?

You’ll have your favourite, no doubt, and there’ll be one or maybe two that you feel are more than fortunate to be on the list. One of the pleasures of sport is the debate that eventuates when the objective meets the subjective. Whatever opinion you hold on such matters as his hairstyle, though, you can’t deny that England’s first triple champion and our first to win consecutive drivers’ crowns surely deserves his place on the list.

Lewis Hamilton - 2015 style - is at the zenith of his powers. Striding way ahead of his rivals, racing on a level that’s wonderful to behold. Maximising his opportunity of driving a career-defining car, racing for a team streets ahead of their competition, now is his time, and man is he enjoying it. 

Of course Mercedes’ main man isn’t finished yet. Contemplating his almost frightening levels of confidence, race craft, guile and speed, one can only imagine what kind of nightmare it is to be Hamilton’s team mate right now...

So if you’re a fan, indifferent, or even consumed by antipathy – soak it up, people, and appreciate the here and now, because in ten, fifteen, twenty years and beyond you’ll be telling younger generations about the brilliance of a young dude called Lewis and his silver dream racer...

Enjoy it while you can.


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