Formula 1

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Formula One teams have been racing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya every year since 1991; it is also used to conduct extensive testing.

The mix of high and low-speed corners, plus the abrasive and rather bumpy track surface, make for a physically and mechanically taxing race. Tyre wear is particularly high and the varying winds that cut across the circuit mean an optimum set-up can be hard to find. 


2019 winnerLewis Hamilton
2018 winnerLewis Hamilton
2017 winnerLewis Hamilton
2016 winnerMax Verstappen
2015 winnerNico Rosberg
2014 winnerLewis Hamilton
2013 winnerFernando Alonso
2012 winnerPastor Maldonado
2011 winnerSebastian Vettel
2010 winnerMark Webber
2009 winnerJenson Button
2008 winnerKimi Räikkönen
2007 winnerFelipe Massa
Lap Record1:21.670 - Kimi Raikkonen (2008)
Lap Length4.655 km