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Predictably predictable

We never learn, do we? Knee-jerk reactions to wholly predictable problems.

“Let’s allow the teams to tell their puzzled drivers whatever they need to know over the crackling airwaves of in-race, in-car radio.”

Cue driver coaching.

Media-room keyboard tappers, TV commentating pundits, paddock-based ‘experts’, et al, are all up in arms – and, more importantly, the fans are appalled too! Surely it can’t be correct for the supposed ‘best drivers in the world’ to be told how to operate their cars so as to race more efficaciously?

“Okay, let’s ban it.”

For the start of the 2016 F1 season the drivers are now effectively on their own. With the season just about to get underway, employing the most complex and technology-envelope-pushing cars ever to race, one might have thought it ill-advised to ban all assistance to the oft-confused pilotes. No pitwall-based help on how to manage mechanical issues, tyre choices and strategy, and all information relating to the race situation is expressly denied.

Okay, so that’s clear then. Er, but no, not really.

Teams, drivers, fans, media and stewards alike, all utterly confused as to what is and what isn’t allowed to be said.

While other major sports open up their airwaves, F1 does it again. “Shut it down” is the cry. Formula 1 looking backward and secretive, as is the norm.

Controversy and confusion then reign, after which negative press, TV pundit uproar and fan disapproval, predictably, force a volte-face to the maximum degree.

“Let’s allow them to say whatever they want.”

My god this is – predictably – ridiculous.

Sense finally prevails. At the German Grand Prix we’re back to where we were. Everyone rejoicing in the fully open airwaves. Nothing is forbidden now.

But for how long?

In a couple of races time, when Nico Rosberg gets on the car-to-pit blower and asks Paddy Lowe something along the lines of, “I need to overtake the car in front of me, so can you tell me when to apply steering input so as not to drive him off the road and get another penalty?” are you, my F1 fan friend, my F1 ‘expert’ colleague, going to think that’s okay?

Of course I’m joking, Rosberg is well aware of how to execute a ‘legal’ overtake… but you get my point, I’m sure.

How long before all those calling for the most recent rule reversal will – predictably – be calling for it to be reversed once more?

Bored with radio babble? You don’t have to look very far for more F1 rule lunacy.

Can anyone tell me the current track limits regulation?

Bloody hell, how hard can it be? If a football crosses the white line denoting the edge of the pitch we know the result. If a tennis payer serves the ball ‘out’ it’s a foul. When a cricket batsman is stumped while outside his crease we know he’s “OUT!”

When a Formula 1 car continually transgresses the track-edge white line we know… not what to think.

What a joke. Why does it always seem so reactionary?

Can the most intelligent men in the room not possess just a modicum of forethought and reasonably predict what might come to pass?

Predictably they can’t, and we’ll continue the ridiculous, and entirely predictable, merry-go-round of predictably reactionary rule rowbacks.

You see – predictable, isn’t it.

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