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Turkey 2009

“This is it, Dad – this is really it!”

We’re an hour or so post-chequered flag at Istanbul Park, and deep within Brawn GP’s motorhome Jenson Button and his father, John, are sharing a special moment.

John, with tears rolling down his cheeks, is understandably full of emotion: happiness, pride and adoration wash over him, for his son is riding the crest of a wave, having just notched up his sixth win in seven races.

Jenson – full of emotions, too – is eulogising the imperious performance of his dominant machine, and, in a comment reminiscent of the great Ayrton Senna, tells of how when pushing the car hard he felt so at one with his ride that a strange sensation of slow motion came over him.

In all seasons dominated by one team there comes a time when the penny drops and thoughts of championship success become reality.

Turkey 2009 was just such a moment.

While the guys and girls have remained focused on getting the job done – reflecting Ross Brawn’s ever-cool and collected persona even in their banner year – they’ve never got ahead of themselves.

Such was Jenson’s domination on June 7, though, that now they can start to believe.

Winning is a habit, and as confidence levels soar ever higher the Brackley-based squad look more like championship winners race after race.

To such a degree, in fact, that while shooting JB’s final pit stop it struck me that it wasn’t just the driver who felt a slow motion vibe: car in, jacks up, wheels off, fuel flows, wheels on, jacks down and car away; it was an almost balletic dance that appeared to last far longer than the seven to eight seconds it actually did.

Just how much better it can get for Brawn GP is anyone’s guess as speculation grows as to at which race Jenson and the team will be crowned.

The domination continues. Outside, in the warm glow of early evening sunlight, the team as a whole are enjoying champagne and taking it all in.

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